The Startup Magazine Why Restaurants Are Offering More Plant-Based Options On Their Menus in 2022

Plant-based proteins have taken the world by storm and are becoming more widely popular and accessible in all parts of the world – and this is an amazing global change!

Companies across the world have taken note of the importance of reducing meat intake and are seeking out more sustainable food practices. For example, organisations like US Soy exist to produce plant-based proteins in an innovative and sustainable way, and more and more restaurants are offering vegan options.

plant-based restaurant options

As a restaurant owner, meeting the demands of your customers is important, and those in the food industry who aren’t keeping up with this trend are falling behind. But what’s the reason for this major shift toward plant-based restaurant options?

Here are four reasons why food is changing and why you need to adapt.

For Better Health

Plants are fibre-rich, low-fat foods that everyone should be eating more of. Wellness and nutrition have become trendy over recent years, and people are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that their diet has on their bodies, the way they feel and their long-term health.

Plant-based options are often healthier and more veggie-focused which lots of people are looking for at the moment. Those who are watching their weight are aware of the benefits to a low-fat diet and therefore might lean towards vegetarian or vegan options if they’re available.

For Ethical Reasons

Another big reason for the shift to plant-based is for the animals. Many people have become aware of the darker side of the meat and dairy industries and have chosen not to support them in order to protect animal rights.

Offering a variety of vegetarian, plant-based and vegan options at your restaurant will allow those who might otherwise not have visited your establishment to enjoy your food guilt-free.

For More Variety

It’s important for our health to consume a wide variety of foods each week. The human gut flourishes when it’s fed with many different plant-based foods. However, variety is also important for the sake of enjoyment!

When presented with a selection of interesting plant-based options, customers will be intrigued to try something new, even if they don’t follow a strictly vegan diet. Many restaurants are offering vegan meals simply for the sake of having an interesting selection.

For More Affordable Options

Meat is expensive, and becoming more so with each passing year. One could argue that plant-based proteins are expensive too, but this is only the case if you’re focusing on highly processed items rather than beans, legumes and tofu.

When you introduce more plant-based options to your menu (or even replace some of the meaty ones), you can reduce your own expenses and provide more affordable options to your customers. Having cheaper meals on offer might open your business up to a new market too.

For the Environment

The meat industry is not particularly sustainable, which is another reason for this change toward more plant-based restaurant options.

Sustainability is good for business, which is why so many restaurants are turning towards offering more vegan options, and other companies are increasing their eco-efforts as well. Following this trend can improve your brand image too, amongst many other factors of your business.

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