The inspiring journey from road side seller to the corporate world

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With over 27 years of experience in the professional field, Mr.Jaydeep is an inspirational corporate leader for the youth. His career path in the corporate world began with MNCs after loads of struggles. He used to work with multiple MNCs in different parts of the world. Later he started JDIYAN International with three locations in India, Gulf and Africa. Also having a production facility near Delhi in INDIA.

Currently residing in the DUBAI , Jaydeep is from the eastern part of India in Kolkata. We learned a lot about Jaydeep and his thought process throughout our interview. He says, “Growth takes time, action, honesty, patience, and no shortcuts with a clear goal.

Let’s understand more about Jaydeep and his company through our interview when we met him in Dubai.

Question 01: We would love to know you and your company’s background.

To this question, he said that “I belong to an educated and well-to-do family. But unfortunately, in the early 90s, our entire family broke financially for certain reasons. Those days, I used to study in college. Despite that, I continued college, but I also understood my responsibilities.

My responsibilities forced me to start some odd jobs in my city. Sometimes I used to do small jobs for the Kolkata Corporation with daily wages of only 20 cents. Even sometimes, I used to sell women’s clothes near girls’ colleges on the roadside for daily livelihood of the family. I used to walk 10-15 km from my house to save on transportation costs.

Even some of my extended family criticised me and asked why I was selling clothes on the roadside. It was a shame for them. But honestly, I enjoyed it because I had no other options. And today, I’m not ashamed of my past work. Instead, I’m proud to say it all because, ultimately, that struggle only brought me to where I am today.

Later, I was waiting for the right time to achieve my goal. So then, luckily, in the mid-90s, I got a job in an MNC. Then continuously, for a long time, I served a few multinationals in India and abroad. Things slowly started to change for my family and me. I have learned many professional things which are not in books. I learned a lot in my daily journey from my colleagues and superiors. So, all in all, I was able to start my journey through JDIYAN International a few years ago.”

He added, “Of course, the encouragement and support of my parents helped me to do what I am doing today. Also, I am happy to say that a few years ago, my journey just started, and our products are currently certified by many authentic organizations like ISO and SCS etc. Also, we have footprints in 16-17 countries worldwide.


Many of my friends and well-wishers supported my journey, but I had to take someone’s call, Mr Sharma. He always stood by me as a friend, mentor and brother. So, his contribution to my growth is something I deeply appreciate.”

Question 02: What disappoints you the most in life?

“The most frustrating factor for me is when I see someone who doesn’t deserve something, and for some wrong reason, he or she gets it, and I lose it. It frustrates me the most.”

Question 03: What type of music or movies do you like?

“I love classical music and Hindi/Bollywood songs. Regarding movies, I am a die-hard fan of Shri Amitabh Bachchan. So, I like to watch all his movies, though not a few, except the recent ones.” Jaydeep says.

Question 04: Where would you be if you were not an entrepreneur or in the corporate world?

“I would love to be in the Indian Air Force. I did some training and courses. However, destiny brought me here to the corporate world.”

Question 05: What are your goals?

Jaydeep shares, “My goal is to be one of the prominent business houses on the global business map. Also, I wish to do something for my country in the medical and education sector.”

Question 06: What do you feel is the biggest strength of yourself/your company right now?

“My biggest strengths are my passion for my business, product quality, my team, and, last but not least, my customers trust me. They are trying their best to penetrate my product into the market. It’s incredible and I appreciate their support from the bottom of my heart. All this happened because of transparency and honesty. I think those are my strengths.”

Question 07: What was the path you/your company took to get to where you are today?

According to Jaydeep, “We are aggressive regarding our business values and I don’t know how to follow the traditional business path. We wanted to bring some innovative ideas into our strategy, which got us to where we are today. As I mentioned earlier, the journey has just begun. We need more time to complete and lead to a successful journey. We are preparing to reach the top in the energy segment worldwide.”

Question 08: The biggest challenges you’ve overcome?

“As a new entrepreneur, breaking into the market is stressful. When this happens, sometimes it can be very frustrating. However, I was very sincere and committed to my business, which helped me overcome this challenge.

Of course, there are many big sharks and giant players in the market that you have to contend with. It can be a huge challenge. Sometimes, we lose. It is not a loss, even if we lose because we learn something new. They are market setters; they are giants. So even if we lose, we still win.

In the initial days, we faced financial challenges. We also encountered such problems a few times. For example, we might have to pay 200,000 USD, but we only have 70,000 USD in the bank. And sometimes, I have to pay a salary to my staff, for example, 3 lakh INR, and I have only 50,000 INR in my bank. We faced many challenges every day. However, finally, we overcome these hurdles, and here we are today.


Another challenge was operational challenges. We call customers, send emails, etc., and receive no response. They didn’t show interest in doing a venture with us. We kept following up, but this was the biggest challenge – entering and penetrating the market. However, we are slowly and gradually overcoming such roadblocks.” He continues.

Question 09: Give us three words that describe JAYDEEP the best.

Hardworking, Focused and Transparent.

Question 10: What makes you excited about Mondays?

I have to work every day to achieve my goals. It is not Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. I have set goals and have to work every day to achieve them. It fills me with energy every day.

Question 11: What do you value the most about your culture and vision?

As for culture, I want empowerment, teamwork and innovation. Meanwhile, as far as the vision is concerned, I believe in creating world-class products with excellent value for money.

Question 12: Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative.

Every day is a new project and challenge. We can continue to be innovative and creative with a united team and patience. After all, we must do something new and unique daily to keep up with industry trends.

Question 13: What are your company’s strategies, and how do they stand unique from your competitors?

Value for money. Our product quality and packaging make us unique.

Question 14: According to you, how should a leader be?

Leaders should face the battle gracefully and encourage and support the team.

Question 15: How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

“We believe we will create more value and volume. And of course, we will be present in more countries in the coming years. In addition, we will introduce new products in the market that will be more satisfied with affordable prices to please the customers.


As a leader, I will share my opinions, experiences and what I have learned in the past for the growth of my company. In parallel, I will take and respect the suggestions from my existing team. They are young and new, and they understand the current market requirements. So, we’ll make a cocktail of the two, and together we’ll create and enjoy the winning flavour.” shares Jaydeep.

Question 16: Are your company’s products at par with the current industry standards? Tell me something about your upcoming products or services.

“By current industry standards, we are equal, or sometimes we are better. We are ready to compete with any leading brands available in the markets for decades. Further, we are in multiple segments of batteries, so we compete on batteries. We are into automotive, tubular, inverters, two-wheeler, and gel batteries,

We will do our best to expand our footprint in the energy sector. In addition, we will try to make more product innovations at more affordable prices. Also, I have plans to enter Nutraceuticals or Ayurvedic segments – in 2023.” shares Jaydeep.

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