Power Rangers Time Force’s Erin Cahill Talks Being a Female Superhero in 2001, Jen Scott’s Legendary Legacy and More

Power Rangers: Time Force star Erin Cahill attended a panel at Rangersstop & Pop ATL 2022 where she discussed heroism in her era, reunion dreams and more with fans.

Erin Cahill played Jen Scotts, the strong, smart and brave Pink Time Force Ranger on Power Rangers: Time Force, where she served as the team’s first female leader. In a lot Power Rangers TV series, the leader is usually the Red Ranger, who tends to be male. However, at the beginning of Power of timeThe team’s Red Ranger, Alex, is killed by Ransik, the Rangers’ sworn enemy.

His death left a leadership void that Jenn quickly stepped up to fill, even as she mourned the loss of not just a fellow Ranger, but her romantic partner as well. Alex’s loss affected everyone on the team, but overall her determination was the glue that held the Time Force together. That resilience, that determination, that refusal to give up even when faced with the worst odds imaginable, that inspired a generation. Inspire me.


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Check out Erin Cahill’s thoughts on the impact of the Pink Time Force Ranger below.

We didn’t know what we were signing up for. We didn’t even know what our arcs were, we only knew the first episode… So I didn’t know I was going to be that. It really changed things, it was really ahead of its time. It was me, Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman, or so I was told.

To have that, to have kids come up to me and say how wonderful Jen is, that she’s their favorite, but more than that, I’ve had girls in college say, “I went to college because of you.” What luck is that, what luck! I could not have predicted this. –Erin Cahill, Time Force Pink

Some of my earliest memories of television are memories of Power Rangers Time Force. The first toy I remember owning was a Jen Scotts action figure and I carried it everywhere with me. I idolized these heroes from the time I could walk, but as I got older I foolishly forgot about Power Rangers. My interests changed and I stepped away from a lot of wonderful media that society and I considered “childish” for no other reason than to divide and discredit. Oh, how I wish I could take it back.

It wasn’t until I graduated high school, developed a passion for writing, and joined The Illuminerdi that I really started to get into Power Rangers again, now as an adult. At the same time, I began to learn a lot about myself, especially regarding my gender identity and sexual orientation. As a non-binary person, assigned male at birth, there is a powerful part of me that connects with femininity, especially female power.

While sitting in the audience at Rangersstop & Pop ATL 2022 Power Rangers Time Force panel, listening to Erin Cahill talk about what it was like to be one of the first mainstream female superheroes, my mind went back to those childhood days in Baltimore, watching Jen Scotts fight for her friends and wanting to be just like her. I still do, in many ways.

This, in my opinion, is one of the most important things that franchises like Power Rangers are capable of. Their ability to inspire people of all ages to be better people, to stand up against injustice and to realize the true meaning of heroism cannot be underestimated or overlooked. Erin Cahill and Jen Scotts are shining examples of what it really means to be a Power Ranger.

Now, while many Power of time fans like myself have fondly watched the TV series since 2001, there are still some complaints that fans air towards the cast to this day. When asked about a potential reunion, Erin Cahill had this to say.


Power Rangers Time Force's Erin Cahill Talks Being a Female Superhero in 2001, Jen Scott's Legendary Legacy and More - The Illuminerdi

“One thing that fans keep bringing up is that Wes and Jen never had a goodbye kiss. But fans are constantly quite upset that it never happened. But really, like you guys, we just want to know what happened next. Erin Cahill, Time Force Pink

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After Jen Scotts and the other Time Force Rangers travel to 2001 following Ransik, they meet a man named Wes who turns out to be the ancestor of Alex, their fallen Red Ranger. He joined the team, slowly gaining their trust and friendship. Romance would eventually blossom between Jen and Wes, but the two would break up without even a kiss goodbye. If Power of time reunion ever happens, maybe this can be fixed in live action.

Outside of Power Rangers franchise, Erin Cahill has been involved in projects such as Red Widow, How I Met Your Mother, General Hospital and more. Here’s what Erin Cahill shared with fans about her career outside Power of time.


Power Rangers Time Force's Erin Cahill Talks Being a Female Superhero in 2001, Jen Scott's Legendary Legacy and More - The Illuminerdi

“I never would have imagined it after that Power Rangers I would play a race car driver or a rancher who herds horses. I’ve played chef a few times, which my husband thinks is fun because I don’t cook. It’s really like this whole other world that opens up. But specifically in my opinion How I Met Your Mother is a favorite of mine.” –Erin Cahill, Time Force Pink

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While I haven’t seen a few of the projects Cahill has appeared in, I certainly love her work power rangers, and she knocks it out of the park as Ted Mosby’s sister. With the new series, How I met your father is squarely in the public consciousness right now, perhaps a Heather Mosby comeback could be in the cards. This is probably just wishful thinking on my part, but only time will tell. For now, we’ll always have HIMYM Season 4 Episode 11, “Little Minnesota.”

Erin Cahill’s career and Jen Scotts adventures are amazing stories that I look forward to learning more about. Also, I hope and pray the next generation of live action Power Rangers includes some love for the Time Force era.

Power Rangers Time Force

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