Lee’s School of Business Hosts Recruiting and Networking Event

The Lee University School of Business hosted a recruiting and networking event, affording students the opportunity to meet with firms, get information about their current area of study, and discover possible internship and full-time job opportunities.

“The recruiting and networking process helps students build relationships with professionals in their area of interest, which is critical to aid in career readiness, foster mentorship, improve communication skills, and create connections to help grow and develop professional opportunities,” said Amy Dummer, assistant dean of the School of Business.

During the event, about 200 business students interacted with more than 40 organizations from surrounding areas such as Atlanta, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Nashville, and included businesses such as American National Insurance, Croft & Frost, Life Care Centers of America, Market Street Partners, Northwestern Mutual, Southern Hospitality, and HHM CPAs.

“I always get excited about attending the Lee University School of Business professional recruiting event, because it gives me the opportunity to come back to campus and relive some of my favorite memories at my alma mater,” said Lee alumna Chelsea O’Shields, Manager, HHM CPAs. “However, over the years, I have become even more excited to attend because of the pure talent and professionalism that comes from the university. The students are professional, respectful, and refreshingly eager to jumpstart their careers. Among the schools we recruit from, Lee University always brings us our best students – and based on the results we saw at this year’s event – this year will be no different.”

Sophomore accounting major Jenna Laudermilk was thankful for the opportunity to meet the different firms, “Everyone was kind and helpful, and the event excited me for my future career in accounting.”

“It is important to me and all our faculty to build and facilitate relationships between businesses and our students,” said Ms. Dummer. “It is an amazing feeling when both can be mutually benefitted, and the excitement we saw at this event was an excellent step toward that goal.”

For more information about the event, internship opportunities, or the School of Business, email adummer@leeuniversity.edu or visit www.leeuniversity.edu/academics/business/.

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