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  • Markets: Stocks are mostly down around the world today, taking especially large hits in Asia. U.S. shares are set to fall as well when they begin to trade. Major cryptos are also off in the last 24 hours, but not enough to make a fuss about.
  • Startups: Today we took a look at new fundraises at Vendease, an African logistics company in the food space, and Disperse, a U.K-based construction tech company that wants to map building sites. That market, it turns out, is huge.
  • Quick Hits: Do Kwon has been hit with a red notice, which means that he will likely soon be in custody. However, some are irked that he’s in trouble for causing a financial meltdown and losing a lot of folks’ money. What’s the argument there? That he wasn’t being malicious, and instead was merely, we presume, stupid. Not a great argument in terms of making Do Kwon look good, but that’s where we are. Also in the mix: The new iPhone is being built in India and TikTok may find regulatory reprieve.
  • Closing Riff: Goodbye Q3 2022, hello Q4 2022. This is the last Equity Monday of the third quarter, a period that few of us are going to look back on and miss.

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