A Note by Adam Gilbert

I met my buddy Adam Gilbert back in 2006.

He’s the founder of MyBodyTutor and got me into being consistent with my health and fitness. We’ve been accountability buddies for a long time, and today I wanted to share one of the messages he sent me recently.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot since he sent it. Maybe it will make you think, too.

How To Not Worry

When I look back on my childhood and even college I think about how much time I spent worrying. I had a lot of fun, but I always worried about my future and put a ton of pressure on myself. I tell my kids all the time – just enjoy school and have fun. They already worry a lot (think it’s genetic) and they’re very conscientious so I’m not worried about them not caring about school, etc.

I also worry a lot now …. lots of responsibility, kids and wife to feed, etc. I just worry!

However, I don’t want to be in my 60s and beyond thinking about how I worried so much.

Everything does work out. Why? Perhaps there’s a higher power but also b / c we MAKE it work out. We always have. Both of us.

I share this b / c try to worry less about finding a woman. You are the fucking man and have everything going for you …

Smart, good looking, in shape, successful, good family, passionate, driven, friends who love you, and on and on ….

ENJOY THIS TIME OF YOUR LIFE! (A reminder for both of us!)

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