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10 Most Inspiring CEOs Making a Difference in 2024


The dawn of 2024 brought forth a multitude of challenges for entrepreneurs. However, amid the uncertainties, many business leaders stood resilient, armed with innovative strategies to navigate the new year. Below, you’ll find the stories of 10 inspiring CEOs whose journeys offer valuable insights and guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs venturing into the world of business.

1. Sapna & Devesh’s Decade-Long Journey in Film and TV Industry

The entrepreneurial journey of Sapna & Devesh commenced a decade ago, fueled by their unwavering passion for the film and TV industry. Their venture, “Wisdom Cine Arts Pvt. Ltd.,” established in 2012, marked the inception of their vision. Over the years, they diversified their portfolio, expanding into various verticals.

Among their ventures, WCA Post Studio emerged as a frontrunner, swiftly establishing itself as the premier destination for color grading and post-production services in Delhi/NCR. Their clientele spans across India and overseas, catering to both long and short-format filmmakers. With a meticulous approach to quality control, their projects have garnered acclaim across cinema, television, and leading OTT platforms.

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Driven by a fervent desire to leave an indelible mark across India and beyond, Sapna & Devesh are on a mission to establish offices in numerous cities domestically and internationally. Their commitment extends beyond business growth, as they actively bolster their team with experts, contributing to employment opportunities for skilled individuals.

As their journey unfolds, Sapna & Devesh remain steadfast in their pursuit of excellence, continually striving to set new benchmarks and redefine industry standards.


2. Irina Duisimbekova: Pioneering Global Investments as Co-Founder and President of Licorne Gulf

For over two decades, Irina Duisimbekova has steered investment and development enterprises across the globe. Born with French citizenship and hailing from Russian and Kazakh heritage, her upbringing in diverse cultural and religious landscapes, spanning from East to West, including the Soviet Union era, profoundly influences her global outlook. As the Co-Founder and President of Licorne Gulf, with operations spanning Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, Duisimbekova leads strategic investment initiatives.

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Duisimbekova’s expertise in investment strategies is highly sought-after by startups, Fortune 500 companies, and CAC 40 firms, particularly within the GCC and Qatar. Her ventures, ranging from technology to biotech, have yielded remarkable success across various sectors. By harnessing direct investments and syndicated funding from GCC Royal Family Members and High-Net-Worth Individuals, Duisimbekova adeptly navigates the complex business terrain and legal frameworks of the region. Her achievements underscore her ability to forge strategic alliances, embrace cultural intricacies, and surmount challenges in both GCC and European markets, empowering entrepreneurs to materialize their visions.

Duisimbekova’s innovative approaches have resulted in a stellar track record, with numerous success stories of ventures in the GCC region. Through direct investments and syndicated capital raising, she supports international entrepreneurs in realizing their development projects, cementing her reputation as a visionary leader in global investments.


3. The Visionary Leadership of Ashish Mittal in Cross-Border Services and Education Consulting

Ashish Mittal serves as the Managing Director and CEO of both Indoglobe Advisory Pvt Ltd and Glob Overseas Education Consultants Pvt Ltd, where he brings his expertise in cross-border payment and remittance services to the forefront. Glob Overseas, a prominent consultancy firm in North India, specializes in facilitating education abroad, permanent residency, LEMIA, and UK settlement. With an intricate understanding of embassy laws, particularly pertaining to study, PR, or work visas, we proudly boast a track record of over 5 years with more than 500 success stories. Our strong partnerships with esteemed colleges and universities worldwide, notably in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Europe, further enhance our credibility.

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Indoglobe Advisory stands out as a leading player in payment transfer and foreign remittance services, operating seamlessly in Haryana and Chandigarh. Our monthly transactions through banking partners amount to approximately 400 Cr, solidifying our position as a significant market player. Furthermore, we take pride in our status as one of the largest partners of Flywire in India.

Thanks to our unwavering dedication and forward-thinking approach, Indoglobe Advisory and Glob Overseas have earned recognition as one of the most genuine and trustworthy brands among students, travelers, and their families.


4. The Evolution of SSDN Technologies under Parveen Kumar Mehta’s Leadership

Parveen Kumar Mehta, the CEO of SSDN Technologies Pvt Ltd, embarked on the company’s journey in Gurgaon back in 2010. Today, SSDN proudly extends its footprint across multiple international locations, including New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, UAE, and the UK. The company’s current focus lies in nurturing digital talent, with a particular emphasis on areas such as AI, ML, automation, and cybersecurity.

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Founded by a group of passionate IT professionals, SSDN Technologies set out to redefine the landscape of training and consulting services. Despite encountering initial hurdles, their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction propelled them forward. Investments in top-tier trainers and cutting-edge content swiftly established SSDN as a trusted partner in IT training. Further diversification into cloud computing and cybersecurity bolstered their standing as a comprehensive solutions provider, while embracing online platforms ensured their relevance on a global scale.

Recognized by prominent IT organizations, SSDN Technologies garnered credibility and clients from around the world, with a shared vision of catalyzing India’s transformation into a technical powerhouse. Their journey, punctuated by prestigious awards, serves as a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation, shaping the future of education and technology alike.


5. Sujata Arora: Leading Hire Indians Infotech on a Global Journey of Innovation

Sujata Arora, the CEO of Hire Indians Infotech Pvt Ltd, has steered the company’s remarkable trajectory from its inception with no capital to its current status as a thriving software consulting and development enterprise, spanning over 15 years. Under her adept leadership, the company has expanded its operations to encompass more than 7 countries, marking a testament to her vision and resilience.

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A recent milestone in Sujata’s journey is the launch of “Road To Entrepreneurship,” a widely acclaimed course on entrepreneurship that has garnered appreciation from hundreds worldwide. Specializing in providing virtual developers, designers, testers, and project managers to companies in the USA, UAE, and Europe, Hire Indians has emerged as a trusted partner in the global software consulting industry.

Looking ahead, Sujata’s strategic focus is on introducing onsite virtual manpower services, aimed at enhancing project delivery speed for clients. With a primary emphasis on cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, and Data Science, Hire Indians ensures it remains at the forefront of innovation under Sujata’s visionary guidance.

Sujata Arora’s journey exemplifies resilience, innovation, and strategic vision, propelling Hire Indians to unprecedented success and establishing its reputation as a leader in software consulting on the global stage.


6. Lovenish Mittal: Illuminating the Path to Mental Wellness

Lovenish Mittal has emerged as a leading figure in the field of psychology, ushering in a new era of mental health care. With a robust educational background in psychology, Mittal’s groundbreaking initiative, the ‘Muskurata Bharat’ project, has become a beacon of hope for individuals seeking mental well-being. Through innovative online courses, Mittal has democratized access to mental health care, positively impacting the lives of thousands and fostering significant advancements in overall well-being, all from the comfort of their homes.

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Looking ahead, Mittal’s aspirations reach even greater heights. He envisions a landscape where the reach of psychology extends across the diverse expanse of India. To achieve this vision, Mittal is dedicated to training and empowering a new generation of psychologists, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to enhance mental health practices nationwide.

At the core of Mittal’s endeavors lies a deep-seated desire for a society where mental wellness is not merely a privilege but a fundamental right. His vision encompasses a future where every individual can lead a healthier, happier life, liberated from the constraints of mental health stigma and barriers. Mittal’s tireless pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment to the cause epitomize his role as a catalyst for positive change in the mental health landscape.


7. Manazir Abbas: Pioneering Excellence at Infobahn Consultancy

As the visionary founder of Infobahn Consultancy, Manazir Abbas has established the agency as the premier marketing entity in Dubai, renowned for its exceptional services and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Over the past 15 years, under Manazir’s strategic leadership, Infobahn Consultancy has become the trusted partner of over 6000 clients.

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Manazir’s strong emphasis on innovation and customer-centric solutions has been pivotal in shaping the agency’s success. His deep understanding of the marketing landscape has enabled Infobahn Consultancy to consistently deliver results-driven marketing strategies, facilitating clients in achieving their business objectives.

Driven by a passion for excellence and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Manazir has positioned Infobahn Consultancy as a market leader in Dubai’s competitive marketing industry. His dedication to providing unmatched service and value to clients remains the driving force behind the agency’s continued growth.


8. Saleem Ilahi: A Visionary Entrepreneur Shaping the Industry

Saleem Ilahi, the enterprising founder of Alshah Enterprises, has positioned the company as a prominent supplier of raw chicken and seafood across India. With a discerning eye for business opportunities, Saleem has steered Alshah Enterprises to success, earning a reputation for delivering quality products and reliable service.

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In addition to his achievements with Alshah Enterprises, Saleem has ventured into a new brand, Baavan, which has swiftly emerged as a leading competitor of Lecious in India. Baavan’s dedication to excellence and innovation has resonated with customers, establishing its presence as a formidable player in the market.

Saleem’s unwavering commitment to delivering quality products and his entrepreneurial flair have played pivotal roles in the success of both Alshah Enterprises and Baavan. Guided by strategic vision and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Saleem continues to drive his businesses forward, earning him admiration and respect within the industry.


9. Sarfraz Khan: Spearheading Innovation at Devobyte

At the helm of Devobyte stands Sarfraz Khan, the innovative founder behind this cutting-edge marketing agency. Specializing in harnessing artificial intelligence to propel client businesses forward, Sarfraz brings a profound passion for technology and its transformative capabilities to the forefront. With a vision to revolutionize marketing strategies, Sarfraz established Devobyte, positioning it as a pioneer in the industry.

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Under his leadership, Devobyte has emerged as a beacon of innovation, leading the charge with AI-driven strategies that elevate clients to unprecedented levels of success. Sarfraz’s commitment to excellence is deeply ingrained in Devobyte’s ethos, driving the agency to deliver tangible results for its clients consistently. Leveraging his expertise in AI and marketing, Sarfraz has enabled Devobyte to develop highly effective, data-driven solutions that fuel growth and maximize ROI.

Fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering dedication to innovation, Sarfraz continues to propel Devobyte forward. With a steadfast focus on empowering businesses to harness the power of AI in achieving their marketing objectives, Devobyte stands as a trusted partner for enterprises seeking to stay ahead in the digital landscape.

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